Co-operation with ÉlményPark

The ÉlményPark is a 3D projection holo operating system on a consciousness network that could be called an augmented reality or a modern esoteric trend. The system is fully automatic and flexible with the linux philosophy. Preparing for me was an unselfish task that I wouldn't like to deal with (beyond the developer's responsibility) thereafter.

It would certainly be possible to teach the ÉlményPark, but the educational material I have prepared for them is sufficient to acquire the necessary knowledge. Everyone can do this alone at home, but it is only worthwhile for those who are interested in developing it. Everyone else is using the ÉlményPark, just to understand.

The ÉlményPark is not a sect and not a religion, but a tool and a spiritual support for those who want to deal with spirituality without priests, masters, and gurus, preferably in modern circumstances. Who would make it a religion would proclaim a verb based on what he was reading here, which misunderstood his purpose and essence.

I've been working on this framework for more than 10 years. I have been on an individual journey to the esoteric, and I want to stay after that. Therefore, for those who want to learn the ÉlményPark, visit the following websites:

ÉlményPark main page
ÉlményPark Pro Blog

It was already my job to have time and capacity to work with people who wanted to study. In this case, I didn't teach them anything either because I'm not a master. But to such people I show them everything, but only theirs as they understood it.

However, those who would think that they would like to do so do not claim that they do not have the opportunity to do so, but it would also assume that I need to have the necessary time for the time needed, which the possibilities are constantly shrinking. The average duration of such training is 8 months and 14 months, depending on the intention of the parties to more cooperate.

After the contact, a personal meeting is required and I will give you more information about the details after the double yes.