Education and Learning

I did not plan to establish an esoteric group yet, and I do not do so, and I hope that such thoughts will not arise in the future. The modern esoteric trend I developed was based on the Internet, so its educational system is based on it. But this does not mean that I have no connection to education.

Among other things, I developed an esoteric education system at that time, under the name of Rational Esoterism, and if there is an invitation, I cannot say no to such. First of all, it would make sense to be invited to esoteric groups to talk about this one time.

Unfortunately, my nearly 20-year-old deep-trans meditation also contained many special items that I wouldn't go into now. However, it has been proven that there is no waiter or dentist in the higher dimensional battlefield. Since a lot of my teeth were lost in the course of events, I would have an effect like Samuel L. Jackson if I had to give a lecture. I think it would be worthwhile to translate it when I learned to talk to my new teeth again. Although if the interpreter understands what I'm saying, there's no problem with that.

Individual preparation is another thing that I have gained a lot of experience. There were years when I was able to develop people who asked me from the Internet. Its ideal time is 8-14 months, depending on whether the parties are open to joint tasks. Since this is an in-house project that would think like this, you should completely abandon your old life for this time, and then return to where you continue to work with yourself.

Individual preparation consists of two parts. One is the development of IQ and the other is the development of spiritual channels. These can be done by staying in two separate rooms and not talking to each other and also to answer any questions that arise. Basically my point is that I show you everything and that is yours what you understand from it.

Intelligence can not only be developed on traditional roads and my mind is able to make such a development for other people. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that anyone who makes such a decision will certainly change his life! However, the high level of intelligence definitely takes man out of his former fellowship, where one can no longer feel good when the environment does not follow the development of the individual.

Anyone who undertakes such a thing will expect years to complete the process. Often, the way to go is tough trials and suffering, which I invest with a mental start-up program, but not with content, but with whoever takes it.