Energy System Recovery

If you want to avoid professional rivalry outside of a profession, who is developing individually and then, on a platform that is independent of the world, you want to go to an independent area where you don't have (yet) your colleagues. I also founded my own area. It's name is plastic mental surgery.

Before my personal contact, my prospective clients (in thought) must register. This is necessary for several reasons, one of which is that I have unique knowledge, that is, there are problems that I can only solve. Anything else you can do is directing your registration to the ideal specialist. I will meet with whom I will (have to) meet.

The most common case is a one-hour conversation, which can be (or much) shorter and can be (much) more. The energy level of an average person would be harder to wear with an hour spent with me than prepared to do so, so it is worth sitting in front of the picture and sometimes looking behind the picture. This is, of course, a holo radiators that can be used by anyone, which contains a preparation template and is not only for preparing to meet with me, but for any preparation. Such a 1-hour encounter is the healing itself, which can easily be a long-lasting attraction to me, doing my own meditation alone.

Plastic Mental Surgery

1. The aforementioned 1-hour conversation with the intervention of my mind. Techniques have been taught to me by the practice, which I developed during spiritual mental fighting and is also well suited for the treatment of mental illness.

2. Aura Styling. The approximate duration of welfare and beauty intervention is 3 days. During this time, the personal program is being prepared and then the intervention of the mental surgeon is based on the program.

3. Aura Tattoo. If I had to just say and put it in the title of the man of today, so that everyone can understand it well, so I can say in two words what the masters are doing. But I'm not a master, but I'd say to myself as an artist. The expression of this art in these tattoos appears. We are with it in one day.

4. Aura Restart. The intervention takes a few minutes. After this, an app. a 3-year period begins, with the rebirth in the middle. Before that, you are preparing for an honest departure from an old movie of your life, then implementing your entry into a new film of your life. Because in this environment, you can only use your initiations for a Task that you have not yet reached, that the warranty may keep you after 3 years. That is, you also need to do this and be prepared to place responsibility on your own shoulder.


1. 1 hour talk

"What did you develop during mental melee combat?"
"My mind is able to penetrate and change things in the mind of another person."
"How can I imagine this clearly?"
"As if I were connected to your computer, where I started a scan & clean, overwrite the damaged files and check the settings."
"Do you say an example of overwriting?"
"For alcoholics, I can overwrite to my settings. That is, you can drink, but you won't be addicted."
"What are the settings?"
"The human brain is like a holographic computer that has ideal settings. Then you feel good on your skin and do not burden your environment. However, these settings will be change over time and will be restored."
"Why do they change?"
"Because you are not following your own dreams, but you believe others better."

2. Aura Styling

"What's going on during these three days?"
"We should be close to each other."
"What do we have to do?"
"There can be nothing, because we only have to talk if a projection depends on a person's decision."
"Who will decide?"
"The higher self and the angelic levels. But what is human competence, I ask and we can talk about it."
"What's next?"
"The same thing that would have been without it, just taking your personal aspects into consideration."
"What makes it styling?"
"Here you are beautifying the soul and spirit, but they will have a good effect on the body."

3. Aura Tattoo

"What's going on for one day and how does it last one day?"
"With each other. Meanwhile, your options run in alternative realities and I know what to tattoo, what results they bring."
"But what are you tattooing?"
"As if they were obligatory to install hosts on a holoGPS that would start in your brain and appear in your projection."
"What does this mean translated?"
"Your life will change and you will be there wherever you need to be (you want to be). Of course, only if you have fulfilled the necessary conditions to realize your dreams on a subjective right. If you do not meet these conditions, you can leave the road, because you can not listen to your GPS and turn around. The advantage of this is that later, after pressing the "redesign" imaginary button, you go back if you change your mind."
"What do these tattoos contain?"
"Guarantee for personal maturity. The student program is a gift from the company."

4. Aura Restart

"How is it technically and why it only takes such a short time?"
"Technically, I only need to activate one code, so it takes such a short time."
"How's the transition?"
"One morning will happen in your bed when you wake up sometime in the middle."
"What will the change be like?"
"You won't notice it. Then later you will be sure that this couple of minutes is the reason for everything."
"Reason of what?"
"I don't know because the scenarios are unique. These are just the frames that you fill with content."


  • since I do these procedures responsibly, no one should wait for quick results
  • since I do these procedures responsibly, primary is not the money, but the preparedness
  • due to the complexity of my procedures, it is often the case that the healing program brings the person back and forth to a doctor, healer or is inventing a new medication, so healing can be difficult to connect to me at the end
  • money is only a part of the price, the rest must be solved by the patient