Holo transcription healing

Holo rewritten healing is an own invention that is closely related to my new program of human consciousness. Originally, I developed it to cure the memory of pure consciousness, who were confronted with this world by mistake, but the technique is well suited for the treatment of human diseases.

Holo programming transplantation can heal from virtually any disease. That's not what everyone does, it can be explained by the difficulty on the patient side. In this case, the Customer must meet the criteria that justify being healthy. People think only money can do everything. Whoever lives in this misconception boldly recommend those healers who heal the healing under such conditions. My point is that the appearance of an internal problem of any disease and if the patient is not willing to deal with the real causes of the illness, he does not deserve healing.

The holo's technical healing process is based on a conscious journey to a world where Customer is healthy. After programing the healing, the patient starts on a path that ends up healthy. However, this process mustn't stop! The difference between programming and energy healing is that the program is just a scenario, what you need to play. I'm not counting on many people because healing itself will happen in years (if the patient succeeds) and because of it's nature, few would be attributed to me because the scenario always directs the right person (or inventes a new medicine / medication that is needed here) who can be a healer or doctor.

Since this healing goes well beyond the understanding of everyday (one) reality, I am not really enthusiastic about doing such things on people who live in the belief of one reality. I'll outline the details of this personally if you are interested.