Scientific work

Although I call the curve a science-minded god-research I go through in esoteric, surely few would see science. The reason for this is that the spiritual world (that is, the world of Dream) refuses to prove, which is the basis of science. Since I spend my time at the border of the two worlds, both of them reject my goals and methods, but that doesn't bother me anymore. Nevertheless, I would find it interesting to have the necessary openness to work together on either side.

Support development

A deeper level of consciousness is suitable for accessing spiritual channels that inspire researchers and developers with whom I work for some purpose.

Because of my extraordinary intelligence, I am able to play a role in topics I don't know. This routine is usually a disadvantage, but it can be an advantage here that thoughts of new horizons can be awakened by those who perform research and development at expert level.

If there is a need for this, I can open the dream frequencies for those who do so and new ideas and inspirations may appear if I am not effective during the conversations.

Death research

I realized that this was the same thing as blasphemy. That is, neither science nor religion will support it. So I support myself and this menu item will live until I can fully finance it. Otherwise, why would I let anything else go into my stuff?